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Tashjian’s Ayşe Kadın Green Bean

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Commercially introduced by us

Pronounced phonetically: Tash-gee-on’s eye-shay ka-dun 

In Turkish context of heirloom beans, Ayşe Kadın is a culturally very significant category of green beans that is used to identify the tenderness and high eating quality of the fresh pods.

The rumor is that once upon a time, Ayşe Kadın had a restaurant in Sirkeci neighborhood of Istanbul that offered the best-tasting green beans in the whole city. The beans were so tasty that the customers named them after Ayşe Kadın, meaning “the woman named Ayşe.”

Seeds for this particular variety was given to us by seed saver and gardener Mark Tashjian at NOFA-NY Conference in 2019. It passed our field evaluation with flying colors in terms of yield and flavor. It also matches the description of a typical Ayşe Kadın bean. Be warned! There are so many Ayşe Kadın varieties grown in different places of Turkey, and we will most probably introduce a few more of them in coming years.

Our current seed stock was grown by farmer Evan Morgan of New Roots Community Farm in Fayetteville, WV.

Packet has min. 25 seeds

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9 reviews for Tashjian’s Ayşe Kadın Green Bean

Based on 9 reviews
  1. Avatar photo

    Thomas Kalina (verified owner)

    These beans are unbelievable! I planted them as an experiment, along with my “standard” Kentucky Blue pole beans. OMG! EVERY seed germinated with fast growth, much quicker then my KB’s. I worried when they didn’t seem to flower as quick at the KB’s, but then they took off! DELICIOUS beans! My wife does not like green beans that much, but she LOVES these! So did my “not a vegetable guy” brother. Now, in late Sept (SE Pennsylvania), my KB plants have pretty much died, but these beans are still going strong and still producing lots of pods. We have them for dinner almost every night. I am PRAYING that you have these available for 2021, as I will be planting them exclusively next spring. When do you think you will have them in stock? I’ll be first in line!

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  2. Avatar photo

    ilhan (verified owner)

    Almost all of the seeds germinated. We had a good amount of several harvests until the bugs discovered them and weather got very hot. We enjoyed many Turkish style olive oil green bean dishes. Thanks a lot for making it available in US.

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  3. Avatar photo

    Munire Nilson (verified owner)

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  4. Avatar photo

    Kerime Saglam (verified owner)

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  5. Avatar photo

    DEMET YELDER (verified owner)

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  6. Avatar photo

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very productive, tasty, long season vining bean. I loved the flavor, but had to pick well before full size because too many tough strings even after thorough stringing. Won’t grow these again.

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  7. Avatar photo

    Ahmet (verified owner)

    Did poorly

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  8. Avatar photo

    Thomas K. (verified owner)

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    Catherine LEDUC KELES (verified owner)

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