Refund and Return Policy

Our refund and return policy was updated on 25 January 2023. Definitions of the words with a capitalized first letter typed in this Limited Warranty, Refund and Return policy are explained below.

Company, Our, Us or We refer to Two Seeds in a Pod Heirloom Seed Co, Reedsville, WV, and Our Website.

You or User refer to the individuals who access and/or use Our Service.

Service refers to our Website.

Website refers to

Other Merchandise refers to any products offered at our website, other than seeds or live plants and plant materials


We test all of our seeds for germination before We pack them for the following calendar year and according to the federal seed germination standards. When properly stored, We guarantee that the seeds You buy from Our Website will have germination rates closer to what is printed on each seed packet, if You plant them by the end of the calendar year You intended to plant the seeds.

We don’t guarantee that the germination rates of the seeds that You don’t sow within a year of purchase and/or that You did not keep under proper (i.e. cool, dry and dark) storage conditions to keep the seeds viable. We are not responsible for the damages to the plants grown from Our seeds that may be caused by the gardener’s or farmer’s lack of knowledge, extreme weather conditions, low yields, plant diseases, pests, or any other external conditions.

Refunds and Returns

Our Refund and Return Policy only covers the original purchaser of Other Merchandise, and cannot be transferred to subsequent owners or purchasers of the products.

Our Refund Policy only extends to the purchase of the Other Merchandise. Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable under any circumstances. We are not responsible for any damages and/or delays in delivery that may ensue after the orders leave Our office and during the shipping or after the order is delivered; therefore, We cannot issue refunds for shipping damages/delays. We cannot accept returns of seeds or live plants since these items cannot be re-sold once they leave our farm office. 

If You would like to return any unused and non-damaged Other Merchandise, You can do so within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund for the cost of the items in your order. You can contact Us with details of Your return request via email at, or via mail us at Two Seeds in a Pod, PO Box 1114, Masontown, WV 26542.

Currently We don’t accept returns for international orders.

We may update Our Refund and Return Policy from time to time. Any updates to the Refund and Return Policy as well the date the Refund and Return Policy will be posted on this page.

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