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Ajvarski Macedonian Paste & Sauce Pepper


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Ajvarski Macedonian is one of many traditional sweet peppers of the Balkans that is used to make ajvar. Ajvar is a sauce made with eggplant and consumed as a bread spread or side dish with meals. There are also spicy versions of ajvar. 

Stocky plants of Ajvarski Macedonian have thick foliage and produce large, glossy and crimson red peppers with thick flesh and excellent flavor. Fruits look similar to our Yaglik 28 pepper but they are more wedge-shaped and narrow at the blossom end.

Seeds of this pepper were shared by Rebecca Frances Ivanoff in 2022. Becca and I share cultural connections to our respective grandparents’ homeland of Bulgaria in the Balkans, of which seeds we love to grow.

Packet has min. 20 seeds

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