Ruby Red


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Commercially introduced by us in the U.S.!

When Danny Swan of Grow Ohio Valley told us about this very rare Italian heirloom from Ohio, we got very excited to grow it on our farm.¬†Heirloom seeds adapt to their regional growing conditions, and Ruby Red is the manifestation of a seed that performs exceedingly well in a region where it has been stewarded over generations. Hence, it wasn’t surprising to see that almost every single flower on its vines impressively held fruits in the heat and drought of August 2019.

Ruby Red has indeterminate, prolific vines with potato leaves. Large, pink fruits grow in clusters and have excellent flavor.

We extend our gratitude and thanks to Michael Mitchell of Wheeling, WV, for introducing this great variety to us. We now have the opportunity to help preserve it and make it widespread among small farmers and home gardeners.

Packet has 15 seeds


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