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Commercially introduced by us

Phonetically pronounced:

The word İsot is Turkish and etymologically comes from issi ot (eng. spicy weed), and refers to edible spicy greens and plants. It is also widely used to identify the traditional hot peppers stewarded by Kurdish communities in Southeast Turkey. The seed we offer is one of the most commonly grown İsot seed mixes in Şanlıurfa.

This traditional pepper produces a variety of pepper shapes, sizes, and yields. Growers in Southeast Turkey save seeds from the entire crop to steward the diversity of this variety year after year.

People in the region love and can handle high heat in food. While flavorful, İsot is very hot and typically used in kebaps in flake form. Flavor range of the seed we offer here is incredibly rich.

You can use İsot pepper in a variety of applications in the kitchen, including fresh consumption (e.g. Lolaz recipe). That being said, main purpose of İsot cultivation in the region is to make pepper flakes through a sophisticated fermentation process. In the end, batches are dried on rooftops to yield pepper flakes with a maroon color. 

If you purchase seeds for this variety, we request you to grow all of the seeds in the packet. Since the seeds in each packet represent a wide range of diverse shape and yield of peppers, you need to grow enough plants to keep the integrity of this amazing traditional seed mix intact. This variety needs a long, hot summer. Climate of Southeast Turkey is dry and very hot but İsot do incredibly well in our hot summers which are humid in the beginning and the end.

Our current stock seed was grown on our seed farm in Reedsville, WV.

Packet has min. 50 seeds

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İsot Hot Pepper
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