Çekirdeği Oyalı (Red Flesh) Watermelon

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Commercially introduced by us.

Phonetically pronounced: check-ear-day-ee o-ya-luh

Çekirdeği Oyalı is hands down the most unique watermelon we have ever grown. As the seeds of this variety dry, their seed coats crack to give the seeds a unique pattern on the surface. Fruits of this watermelon have sweet, red flesh and weigh in the range of 3-4 lbs.

This variety is regionally known as Çizgili, Dualı, Yazılı. To address the fruits’ very unique, seed-specific genetic trait and to make the seeds common across communities, I promoted it as Çekirdeği Oyalı, a culturally appropriate name that roughly translates to hand-carved seeds in English.

Our seeds came from a seed preservation center in İzmir. While there is strong evidence that the seeds are traditionally stewarded in Western Turkey, we also came across the same seed trait to be stewarded in Ovalı Village (possibly of Tokat Province), Northern Turkey.

Other synonyms: Çizgili, Dualı, Yazılı

Packet has 20 seeds

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20 seeds, 50 seeds


11 reviews for Çekirdeği Oyalı (Red Flesh) Watermelon

Based on 11 reviews
  1. Avatar photo

    Susan E. (verified owner)

    Stunning seeds. Nice people.

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  2. Avatar photo

    Sierra Casselman (verified owner)

    Little difficult to get started, but once it had a few leaves it went well.

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  3. Avatar photo

    Beverly Green (verified owner)

    The plant grew really well and had several watermelons on it. They never matured to a red flesh inside though

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  4. Avatar photo

    Katherine M. (verified owner)

    These produce well and tasted flavorful and sweet

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  5. Avatar photo

    Kathy B. (verified owner)

    I am giving a rating of 4 ONLY because I haven’t planted the seeds yet- shortly after receiving them we moved and are still working on the new garden beds. They arrived on time, and look to be great quality. I would love to update this review in the spring or early summer when I can give a proper review. Thank you!!

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  6. Avatar photo

    Nikki (verified owner)

    Did better than any any other melon I planted in my TN garden. The seeds are stunning.

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  7. Avatar photo

    Rebecca Cahill Kemmer (verified owner)

    We had a cooler start to summer, 3 out of my 4 plants survived. An thrived once the heat came. We harvested 33 small/medium sized watermelons! We have 16 still storing really well in our root cellar.

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  8. Avatar photo

    Diana (verified owner)

    I’m giving these a 5 just for their beauty even though they didn’t grow because something ate the seeds after planting.

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  9. Avatar photo

    Catherine LEDUC KELES (verified owner)

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  10. Avatar photo

    Damon Smith (verified owner)

    I was able to save a bunch of seeds and was amazed by the different patterns and striations that appeared when the black seeds dried. My wife makes jewelry and this is the second plant in my OUR Garden at Reed’s Organic Farm in Egg Harbor Township, NJ that she has been able to fashion earrings and necklaces out of. the first was the Job’s Tear’s dried seeds that come from southeast Asia.

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  11. Avatar photo

    Jo (verified owner)

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