Seed Growers

We are the only commercial seed source for the great majority of the seeds in our  seed catalog. Our farm functions as a preservation space for the culturally significant seeds from Turkey and to a limited extent from Appalachia.

We can’t possibly offer every seed variety we preserve in our catalog because we are a small farm and we can’t maintain need to properly isolate our seed crops. In addition, if we want to offer a seed in our catalog, we need to have a larger than usual population of crop grown for that seed.

In 2019, we began working with our seed saver and farmer friends to have them help us grow seed stock for some seed varieties we offer in our catalog. We still grow a majority of our seeds on our farm in Reedsville, WV, but our goal is to do less in coming years.

You can find a list of the seed growers and the organizations who grew seeds for our catalog below.


Neha Lal and Marlin Dehoff-Mockingbird Hill Farm, Morgantown, WV

Douglas Koenig-Sprouting Farms, Talcott, WV

Tom Wahlberg, Decorah, IA

Julie Sheen-Giving Ground Seeds, ID


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