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Commercially introduced by Two Seeds in a Pod Heirloom Seed Co

Limestone has 3-3.5 ft long vines with beautiful purple flowers. Peas have black spots on them. Pods generally produce 5-6 peas. Plants have medium yields. This is a Turkish heirloom from Gokova, Mugla.

Variety name in Turkish: Benekli Gökova

Each package contains 15+ heirloom seeds

1 review for Limestone

  1. Gardening In The Desert (verified owner)

    There is nothing not to love about these! The flowers are stunning, they look like sweet peas, the peas are beautiful and speckled and very productive. I am in Phoenix, AZ, so my planting time for these is in Oct. By Mar/Apr I had lovely beans drying on the vines.

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