The Whole Okra: A Stem to Stem Celebration


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Chris Smith’s fantastic book covers everything you need to know about the amazing vegetable of okra. This book is packed with information, from recipes to growing tips for home gardeners and market growers to saving  seeds to how to make okra oil, okra coffee, okra flour, okra tofu to okra history, and more.

Smith grew more than 75 varieties of okra to evaluate them for their flavor and texture nuances, and picked his personal favorites for the book. You will  find the details about the taste evaluation he orchestrated with 15 judges in 2018. As you some of you already know, Yalova Akköy, commercially introduced by us, was unanimously picked as the okra with the best flavor. Find out about Yalova Akköy and many other great okra varieties in Smith’s book.

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