Browse and shop for more than 20 categories of vegetable seeds and more than 100 seed varieties. We offer a unique selection of Turkey’s open-pollinated and heirloom seeds. In addition, we also offer seeds from other places.

While some of the seeds in our catalog have been stewarded by small communities in specific regions in Turkey, others have been grown in home gardens and homesteads widely across the country, generation upon generation. These rare seeds not only reflect the significance of seed stewardship in Turkey but they also manifest the incredible diversity and richness of kitchen traditions, flavors, texture, and colors of food crops, among other traits, in the country.

Please note that some of the heirloom seeds in our catalog belong to food crops, such as wheat and melon, that have been stewarded in Turkey for thousands of years and that are native to the region where Turkey is while some others such as peppers and beans are newer to the communities in Turkey. These seeds have been stewarded by communities of color in and native to the Western Hemisphere, and across the globe since time immemorial.

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