Yeni Dunya



Commercially introduced by Two Seeds in a Pod Heirloom Seed Co

Seed crop 2017

Yeni Dunya, meaning New World, is an old commercial variety that was once widely grown in Northwest Region of Turkey. Fruits of Yeni Dunya have light green and thin rind with red, juicy, crunchy and sweet flesh. Each fruit can weigh as much as 10 lbs. Seeds are white. Our plants produced 4-5 fruits and performed very well throughout the drought of Spring 2017.

We grew our plants from USDA’s accession PI 169295. Our special thanks go to Dr. Bob Jarrett of USDA and John Swenson of Seed Savers Exchange, for helping us to retrieve the accession.

Each package contains min 10 seeds
Please note that the germination rates for our current batch of seeds of Yeni Dunya was lower than we would aim for so we add more seeds to compensate for any germination losses. Please plant more seeds than you plant to.


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