Tashjian’s Ayse Kadin

Tashjian’s Ayse Kadin


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Our commercial introduction in the U.S.!

Pronounced phonetically: Tash-gee-on’s eye-shay ka-dun

In Turkish context of heirloom beans, Ayşe Kadın is a culturally very significant category of green beans that is used to identify the tenderness and high eating quality of the fresh pods.

The rumor is that once upon a time, Ayşe Kadın had a restaurant in Sirkeci neighborhood of Istanbul that offered the best-tasting green beans in the whole city. The beans were so tasty that the customers named them after Ayşe Kadın, meaning “the woman named Ayşe.”

Seeds for this particular variety was given to us by seed saver and gardener Mark Tashjian at NOFA-NY Conference in 2019. It passed our field evaluation with flying colors in terms of yield and flavor. It also matches the description of a typical Ayşe Kadın bean. Be warned! There are so many Ayşe Kadın varieties grown in different places of Turkey, and we will most probably introduce a few more of them in coming years.

Each packet has 25 seeds


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