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Commercially introduced by us in the U.S.!

Phonetically pronounced: shen-bear-bear

We first discovered Şenberber when a seed saver from Kayseri, Turkey, introduced it to us a few years ago. By that time, the seed saver was growing it for 10 years, and he originally had received the seeds from one of his friends whose grandfather had grown it for over at least 30 years. We ended up naming the variety with the grandfather’s last name.

Şenberber’s prolific vines, and its flat pods show similarities to the well-known bean Northeaster; however, Şenberber produces earlier in around 45-50 days. Vines can stretch for 15-20 ft. Stringless pods are usually 8-10 inches, and have excellent flavor. For better production and plant performance, water regularly.

We can offer only a limited quantity this year but hope to bring Hanımteni back in larger quantities in 2020.

Each packet has 15 seeds


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