Pul Biberlik Maras

Pul Biberlik Maras

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Commercially introduced by us in the U.S.!

Pul Biberlik Maras produces 3”-4” long, green and deliciously hot fruits with fruity undertones, and is very productive. Heat doesn’t last very long in mouth and fades away quickly, leaving a pleasant flavor behind. Heat level reduces as the fruits ripen. Traditionally grown for fresh eating when the fruits are green, and ripe fruits are dried for making world-known pepper flakes. A very rare heirloom from Maras province of Turkey. 65-70 days to maturity.

 Scoville Heat Unit: 10,700

Each packet has 15 seeds

2 reviews for Pul Biberlik Maras

  1. daniel conrad (verified owner)

    Pul Biber is a new favorite. Plants grew well in Kentucky and produced very well. Fruits are flavorful with a nice balance of heat(Similar to Jalapeno).

    Will likely dry many, smoke some and try hot sauce with them!

  2. meliha cakar (verified owner)

    If you like spicy this pepper is awesome, you can eat fresh or make them dry to keep it longer , you can use it for every dish very nice heat to it you have to be careful how much put in the dish otherwise will je so spicy. Awsome

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