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Commercially introduced by us in the U.S.! Phonetically pronounced: chan-gel-kooy (‘g’ as in good) Once a very popular farmers’ market heirloom, nowadays, Çengelköy is a very rare cucumber due to gentrification and loss of city gardens. This Turkish heirloom produces small, crunchy, and sweet fruits. No need to peel the skin! Best when picked at 4”-5”of length. Small plants keep producing for two months after the first harvest. 65-70 days to maturity. Packet has 20 seeds

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15 reviews for Çengelköy

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  1. Avatar photo

    Randy Thompson (verified owner)

    Great flavor, great yield

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  2. Avatar photo

    Katherine M. (verified owner)

    Our garden facing the ocean directly at an elevation of 27 ft. Cucurbitaceae plants in general suffered and did not produce abundantly. I do not feel the quality f the seed had anything to do with those results, but cannot say if it would do well in another setting. This was our first year growing in this location. We look forward to future experiements with this seed elsewhere.

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  3. Avatar photo

    Jessica (verified owner)

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  4. Avatar photo

    Munire Nilson (verified owner)

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  5. Avatar photo

    Larik (verified owner)

    I only grew two plants, and they were damaged by deer early on, but managed to survive. This cuke was flavorful and yummy, with a subtle fresh flavor. They have a thin skin which is very pleasant for salads, but I think it means they don’t keep on your counter as long as other varieties. This didn’t matter, because we ate them all right away:) Was a favorite at our house.

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  6. Avatar photo

    Erica Chao

    Cengelkoy thrived in my high tunnel. This is my first time successfully growing a persian style cucumber. We harvested July through October in the PNW. Amazing!

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  7. Avatar photo

    Pamela (verified owner)

    I’ve been starting seeds for my summer vegetable garden for 15+ years. None of these seeds germinated for me. Will give it another try next year and update.

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  8. Avatar photo

    Laurie (verified owner)

    Beautiful cucumbers. Fair number. Susceptible to disease.

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  9. Avatar photo

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    I loved these cucumbers – they grew well for me in the Northeast US, and had a great flavor.

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  10. Avatar photo

    Irem Kurtsal (verified owner)

    I ate one before a blight got to them:( That one was delicious, like the ones back home. Darn blight, though.

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  11. Avatar photo

    Deborah (verified owner)

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  12. Avatar photo

    Ahmet (verified owner)

    Great cucumbers, very prolific and tasty

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  13. Avatar photo

    Anonymous (verified owner)

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  14. Avatar photo

    Cary Smith (verified owner)

    In a year of cucumber failures in my midwest garden, these were the only plants to survive and produce cucumbers for me and I give it credit for that! I can’t wait to try it again in 2023

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  15. Avatar photo

    Anonymous (verified owner)

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