Captain Myers

Captain Myers



Seeds for this variety were given to us, and to other seed savers such as Jim Wyant, by Joe Brown, a Tennessee farmer, at Sustainable Mountain Agriculture Center’s seed swap in October 2018. Mr. Brown told us that Captain Myers brought the seeds for this tomato back home to Livingstons, TN, from the War of 1812. Mr. Brown added that he was the only person left in the area who was still growing it, as other growers had passed.

Captain Myers is a prolific variety that produces loads of plum-size, pink cherry tomatoes. Unfortunately, flavor is not big for fresh eating but it got better towards end of the plants’ life cycle. We also used fruits for canning.

One thing very noticeable about this variety was that the plants took off in early spring while other tomatoes were still stunted due to cool soil and weather conditions.

Each packet has 20 seeds


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