Balik (Erdinc Strain)

Balik (Erdinc Strain)


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Commercially introduced by us!

Balık is commonly grown in the Balkans and the villages of Northwest Turkey. Seeds for this specific strain of Balik were sent to us from our friend and heirloom gardener Gökhan Erdinç of Istanbul, Turkey. We realized that this strain systematically produced longer and skinnier fruits than those of our main seed stock of Balık so we now offer the seeds that Gökhan sent to as years ago.

Bright green fruits of Balık turn bright red at full maturity. Delicious and crunchy flesh makes great stir fries and pickles. Prolific plants offer a mid-season harvest. “Balık” means fish in Turkish and the fruits somewhat resemble the silhouette of a fish.

Each packet contains 15 seeds


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