Turkish Squash

Browse and shop for Turkish squash. Some of these traditional squash seeds have been stewarded by small communities in specific regions in Turkey. Others have been grown in home gardens and homesteads widely across the country, generation upon generation. These Turkish squash reflect the significance of seed stewardship in Turkey. They also manifest the incredible diversity and richness of kitchen traditions, flavors, texture, and colors of food crops, among other traits, in the country.

Squash was domesticated by Indigenous peoples who live in the region that stretches from Southern North America through Mexico and Central South America. This is also a crop widely celebrated for generations in Turkey. Turkish squash come in various shapes, textures and flavors.

Summer squash is mainly used in the following ways in Turkish cuisine:



Fritters (tr. mücver)


Winter squash is typically used to make dessert in Turkey.

In our catalog, we may also offer Turkish squash varieties which were bred as part of commercial plant breeding efforts in the 20th century in Turkey. These seeds can be more commonly found at farmers’ markets across the country. It is still possible to find some of these seeds in Turkish commercial seed catalogs. However, many of them are also disappearing from catalogs due to unacceptable seed laws and regulations that force farmers to become dependent on hybrid and patented seeds. Hence, it is also one of our goals to offer these now commercially rare Turkish squash to pass on their genetically powerful traits that also acknowledge and intersect traditions.

In addition, you may also find here the squash seeds from our culturally appropriate plant breeding and seed selection efforts.

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