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Commercialized by Two Seeds in a Pod Heirloom Seed Co

Seed crop 2017

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Cucurbita moschata. This is a beautiful squash from the Yucatan region of Mexico and is locally called Siskun. Seeds were originally collected from the town of Dzidzant├║n in 1979 by USDA. Plants have small leaves and plenty of 7-8 ft vines. Fruits change color from dark green to black, and to burnt orange at full maturity. Flesh color is tangerine. Fruits are oblate, ribbed, and in early 2017, the heaviest of them weighed a little less than 2 lbs. Rind is thin and easy to cut through. Flesh is sweet and delicious. Plants are prolific.

We grew our plants from USDA’s germplasm collection orno 284710. Our special thanks go to John Swenson of Seed Savers Exchange who introduced Siskun to us, and Dr. Bob Jarret who shared seeds for it.

Each package contains 5 seeds


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